Oxfords Quick Cash Property Buying Company

In the country town of Oxfordshire, found in Southern England you will find Oxford, one of the best cities for investing in property. It is rated amoung one of the best places to invest due to their ethnic diversity that has grown so fast. In the United Kingdom, Oxford is the 52nd largest city with quite an economic base. It’s also quite a popular place to look for housing because of its fast growing diversity and has a range of helpful industries including:

-Motor manufacturing companies

-Great education systems from grade school to university

-Publishing companies for any need

-Science-based and Information Technology businesses are also found in the area.

 Why Choose Housing in Oxford?

Oxford is popular worldwide for their English Speaking world’s oldest university ‘Oxford University’. Oxford’s architecture is some of the plain examples of the architecture of the city. From the arrival of the Saxons and most buildings are architecturally based in that period. This is why it is a great place to set up a family. Matthew Arnold, a poet, term coined the city of Oxford as the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’. The Radcliffe Camera building has been standing since the mid 1800’s and is one of the oldest buildings in Oxford. When in Oxford you feel as if you are back in that era which makes it a very popular area to look for a home. Owning a home in Oxford can give you a feel of royalty. It isn’t always necessary to sell your home completely. If you have the funds to buy a new property then you could rent your old property to pay the mortgage on your new home. It is an easier way to afford your mortgage without losing your old home, especially if you have any sentimental memories with the home. Many people, especially distressed property buyers come to Oxford because their houses are, in most cases, in immaculate condition and they still have homes that have that old style look to it. people often sell for tax reasons while others have no choice. Sometimes the homes are sold due to repossession and are then put on auction for a lot cheaper than what they would originally go for.

Choosing a Property Buying Company in Oxford

Many choose to relocate to the lovely city of Oxford not only for the world acclaimed Oxford University but also for the beauty of the architectural design of the city. There are more than beautiful homes in Oxford. There are also many retail, office and industrial properties which is very appealing to business owners. There are many companies that can assist you in selling and buying properties in the Oxford area in no time and that will suit your every need. They will take into account the size of the home you want, the price you are willing to pay and in which part of the city you are looking at.

Other than looking for an estate company to help you sell property there is the occasion that happens often that potential buyers are looking for retail, industrial or residential properties to buy whether they are new or distressed. On most occasions they are usually looking for a property that they can buy for quick cash and not for a hefty amount. They will usually find such properties at auctions. There is a risk however to buying property this way because you don’t know what damage the property may have sustained and if the property will cost more to fix than it was bought for. If a buyer buys a property that was originally a business it may be difficult to bring the property back to its former glory or if its reputation has been too tarnished to save it may not be worth the trouble.

Other Reasons to Consider

Oxford is a great city to raise a family because of the great education system in the area whether your children are just starting out or if they would like to attend Oxford University. There are also job opportunities in different trades of work. The homes are immaculate and the neighbouring cities and suburbs are just as nice as Oxford. Selling and buying is a lengthy process and takes time and expertise that an estate agency will be able to get the job done a lot quicker than what you would on your own. They will also be able to take care of the finer details which will save you any hassles and delays. There is a lot of work that goes into selling or buying property and there are small details that only an estate agent may be able to get sorted out. 



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The sale of my house was done very efficiently and I got all the services that were promised to me by Fast Move. From the initial contact till the closure of the deal the professionalism was great which made the entire process easy as well as stress free for me. 

By Jade McDonald

We have been trying to sell our house for the past one year. Advertising on papers did not prove to be fruitful. Fast Move arranged a quick valuation and got all the paperwork done within a week. Now with the house sold and money in hand we are happy.

By Christopher Williamson

We decided on a house selling deal with Fast Move but we were initially very apprehensive. All our telephone and mails were attended promptly. The team was always in touch to explaining exactly what was happening. The process was hassle free and we would recommend their name to everyone.

By Mason Bowen